Beadhead San Juan Worm


Beadhead San Juan Worm
Color:  Red,  Pink,  Wine  ;  Size: #12
Purchase made in Montana so there’s NO SALES TAX


Beadhead San Juan Worm
Color:  Red,  Pink,  Wine  ;  Size: #12

Ahh, the Dirt Snake.  So effective and we love to see the horror on purists’ faces when we tell them that the trout are chowing worms! Hey, this isn’t live bait, so chill. (But it’s just as effective at catching big trout as live bait!)  This fly is so important to have in your fly box so load up on these -especially in the Spring or after a Summer rain shower.  For those going on the Smith River when the flow is off-color (pretty much from end of April to mid-June), you owe it to yourself to bring a boat load of San Juan Worms -only if you want to catch fish.  This fly is also universal and can be fished in any water throughout the world.  It’s simple, trout eat worms -both aquatic worms and earth worms.  After a rainstorm, earth worms get washed into rivers, streams and stillwaters and fish focus in on these protein packed morsels.  So feel good about fishing this fly as you are matching the hatch!  The beadhead version gets down a little deeper than the beadless worm. If you’ve got to get down deep and you don’t want to add a lot of additional weight on the leader, then try using the Wire Worm or Firebead Wire Worm.

Smith River or Blackfoot River tip:  If you’ve got some off color water from either snowmelt or a rain storm and/or the dry flies are not happening -then it’s time to do the Turd and Worm. Don’t feel too dirty -you’re in an isolated canyon miles from civilization.  Just do it and catch lots of trout.  How we do this is we use one of our Thingamabobber Nymph Rigs: 1-drop 18″ of 0X or 1X tippet off the swivel,  2-add 12″ of 1X or 2X tippet (use a Surgeon Knot or Blood Knot),  3-tie on your Turd,  4-tie on 12″ of 2X or 3X tippet off the Turd,  5-tie on the Worm.  Fish it without weight when you are floating and set it  fairly shallow, 24″-36″ Bobber to Turd. When you get out to wade fish, add 1′-3′ of depth (super quick and easy to do with the CCFS Nymph Rig) and add a BB Split Shot on the 0X tippet above the knot. When you get back into the raft, just take off the Split Shot and slide the Thingamabobber back down to shallow again and you’re ready to catch fish on the drift.

Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX

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