Drowned Spinner


Drowned Spinner
Colors:  Rusty  or  Trico
Sizes:  #14,  #16,  #18,  #20



Drowned Spinner
Colors:  Rusty  or  Trico
Sizes:  #14,  #16,  #18,  #20

The Drowned Spinner fly pattern can be one of the deadliest fly patterns on the MO after the spinner fall has taken place. Drop it below a dry or fish it as a short leashed nymph, both techniques are extremely deadly. During a trico spinner fall we really like to use the Cluster Midge as a trico cluster, then dropping the Drowned Spinner behind that anywhere between 4″ to 6″, Ben in the shop has been known to go even shorter if need be. If the weeds are pretty bad during those later summer trico hatches, tying on the Drowned Spinner to a 12′ 5x leader then add a pinch-on strike indicator 6″ to 12″ above the fly can be a great option that stays cleaner and is really effective floating through the big pods of rising trout.

Other items to consider: Our own Jet Fuel Fly Floatant, a new fly box, leader and tippet, stream side tools.

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