Squirmy Wormy Jig


Squirmy Wormy Jig
Color:  Red,  Pink  ;  Size:  #12 (Jig Hook with Tungsten Bead)
Purchase made in Montana so there’s NO SALES TAX


Squirmy Wormy Jig
Color:  Red,  Pink  ;  Size:  #12 (Jig Hook with Tungsten Bead)

This is a Dirt Snake on steroids! Okay, we get it, this is as close to lure and bait fishing as it gets in fly fishing but you’ve got an uphill battle to fight against success. Fish eat worms so you are actually matching a hatch of sorts by fishing these flies. This Jig Worm is excellent to use as your point fly in Eruonymphing or a dropper off another fly under a bobber. The Squirmy Wormy Jig is tied with a tungsten bead on a 60 degree jig hook so it get down super quick and rides hook up and the squirmy silicone dangling off the back just twitches and wiggles and drives big fish into chowing this thing like John Madden digging into a Turducken! (Which is a weirder meal for people than the Squirmy is for trout.)

FYI- This is a heavy fly and will sink super quickly.  It’s sink rate is even heavier than the Wire Worm or Firebead Wire Worm. Not a good option to drop under a dry fly (maybe a Chubby in size 8). You’ll want to Euronymph with this or put it below an Air-Lock or one of our customer made Thingamaleaders.

(AKA – Squirmy Wormie Jigged or Squirmy Jig Wormy)

Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX

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