Air-Lock Strike Indicators


Air-Lock Strike Indicators
3-Pack, 3 Assorted Colors in each pack
3 Sizes:  1/2″,  3/4″,  1″,  or COMBO (1 or each size)


Air-Lock Strike Indicators
3-Pack, 3 Assorted Colors in each pack (white, pink, orange)
3 Sizes:  1/2″,  3/4″,  1″,  or Custom COMBO Pack with 1 of each size

The new, biodegradable foam introduced in 2020 has more benefits beyond keeping our waterways cleaner.  The new design out-performs the original plastic design in every way.  We believe in keeping our waterways as clean as possible. We redesigned our popular strike indicators with biodegradable foam so those indicators that end up floating away for any reason will break down over time.

  • 30% Lighter – Easier, more efficient casting and delivery.
  • Suspends 25% more weight on the water.
  • Stealth:  Neutral-colored post is less visible to fish, and the lighter overall weight lands softer on the water.
  • Visible: 3 colors in each pack for a variety of light and water conditions
  • Sensitivity:  Better strike detection.
  • Durability:  No more leaks, dents, holes, cracks or pops!
  • Easier to see leader slot when attaching.
  • 3 sizes:  1/2″,  3/4″ or 1″ to cover any size fly or weight or water condition
  • Hurts 38.6% less when you hit yourself in the back of the head on a forward cast.
  • Biodegradable but not to be confused with “water soluble:”  Air-Lock Biodegradable Strike Indicators will not dissolve or be compromised in any way during normal use.
  • Biodegrading happens when the material is left in the elements: mud, water, mulch, compost, etc. over a long period of time.
  • Spare nut included in pack
  • Excellent when used in conjunction with a RIO Indicator Leader
  • Also available in a convenient pre-rigged CCFS Airlock Nymph Rig Leader.

See additional photos for this product for instructions on how to use these handy strike indicators.

Shop Staff Pro Tip- Use the 1/2″ for smaller nymphs in shallower water or in “short leashing” nymphs to fish feeding on emerging nymphsor drowned spinners.   The 3/4″ bobber is the most common size we use and is a great, all around size for most of your nymphing needs.   Use the 1″size for freestone streams when you’re fishing in heavier water or with a larger fly like stoneflies.  We also use these on the MO when we have runoff and have to fish more than 7′ deep by using heavy flies and/or heavier Split Shot.  Of course, you can just get the 3-Size Combo pack and have the ability to easily switch the indicator size to suit your fishing situation!

Also available in our extremely popular, CCFS Airlock Nymph Rig Leader systems that make setting up and fishing nymphs super easy, amazingly effective and a lot less expensive than using up your good leaders on nymph fishing.  Other excellent options for a kink-free, easily adjustable strike indicator systems are, Oros Strike Indicators and our CCFS Oros Nymph Rig Leader.

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