RIO Indicator Leader



RIO Indicator Leader
Length:  10′  ;  Sizes:  2X,  3X,  4X
NO SALES TAX -purchase made in Montana!


RIO Indicator Leader
Length:  10′  ;  Sizes:  2X,  3X,  4X

  • Powerful butt section and short taper for casting indicators
  • Long, level tippet allows nymphs to sink quickly and evenly
  • Orange butt section can be used as an indicator by itself
  • Ideal for:  Indicator Fishing from a boat or wade fishing
  • Great for fishing:  Lakes,  Rivers,  Steelhead

RIO’s indicator leaders have a unique design that is ideal for the indicator fly fisher. A powerful butt section and very short taper, easily turns over all manner of indicators, and a long, level tip section allows flies to sink evenly and quickly. The orange butt section is visible enough to be used as an indicator in its own right. Each leader is 10ft long, and available in 5 sizes from 3X (8.2lb) and 2X (10lb).

Shop Staff Notes:  These are a big hit with the Guides, especially during the high water period of late Spring (April – early June). So easy to use as you just loop-to-loop connect it on your fly line, like any other leader and then attach your Air-Lock Indicator on the orange butt section and your set. (Of course you’ll want to tie a fly or two on the tippet before you cast!).  The butt section holds the indicator in place well and the quick taper and straight tippet helps get your fly down to the fish like a rock!  A much better choice to use if you know you’ll be doing mostly nymphing and save your good tapered leaders for your dry fly fishing.

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