Mirage Nymph


Mirage Nymph
Sizes:  #16,  #18,  #20
Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX


Mirage Nymph  (aka Gard’s Mirage Nymph)
Sizes:  #16,  #18,  #20

The Mirage Nymph has been in our fly bins for decades as it was originated and tied for us by Guide, Dan Gard (now retired from both guiding and commercial tying). This is a general attractor nymph that fools fish during almost any Mayfly, Midge or Caddis time. The name derives from the fly being tied with Mirage Tinsel and has an iridescent shine that refracts the thread under the abdomen and dubbing on the thorax. We love this fly for deep nymphing with bobber and split shot, short leashing under a Pinch-On or New Zealand Strike Indicator or as a dropper under a dry fly. You owe it to yourself to try a few of these simple but effective flies on the MO or your home waters.

If you order one of our Missouri River Fly Assortments, you’ll most likely see a a couple of these bugs in that box.

(Note- There may be slight variations from the photos as we have a couple of tiers and slight differences in dye batches in the materials. But not to worry, all of them are fish catching little morsels!)

Purchase made in Montana so there’s NO SALES TAX!

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