Water Gremlin Removable Lead Split Shot


Water Gremlin Lead Split Shot
Sizes:  B,  BB,  3/0


Water Gremlin Lead Split Shot
Sizes:  B,  BB,  3/0 (listed smallest to largest)

Removable Lead Split Shot by Water Gremlin are a squeezable, soft Split Shot made by a patented process which forms very soft lead into precise pieces. The result is a controlled hinge that can be squeezed onto the line using your fingers. The Removable Split Shot also features “ears” that allow you to squeeze the shot back off your line. You can interchange sinkers instantly with just a snap of your fingers. No tools or teeth needed.  The soft lead stays on your leader much better and being reusable, you won’t just be throwing lead in to the rivers.

Staff Notes:  When fishing nymphs, getting down to the fish is critical. I know lead is not good for biological organisms -but that’s when it’s in jested.  We definitely try to minimize our impact on the environment and judicially using lead split shot is important. This Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot, allows you to reuse each split shot multiple times and since it stays on your leader much better than tin (“non-toxic”), you’re not throwing a bunch of lead shot into the river.  TIP- Use the size B for general purpose nymphing when you don’t need to get down too deep or too quickly or if you are making long drifts from a boat. (You can stack 2 or more B’s on your leader to add more weight too.)  Use the BB in faster water or when you need to get down deeper.  And the 3/0 is for big, deep water conditions like we can experience during Spring here in Montana. It’s a good choice when the MO is flowing at 12K CFS or more.

Don’t forget your CCFS Nymph Rig, Air Lock Strike Indicators, and tippet.

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