Cluster Midge


Cluster Midge
Sizes:  #14,  #16,  #18


Cluster Midge
Sizes:  #14,  #16,  #18

The Cluster Midge is a VERY effective -and visible -fly pattern from late, Shane Stalcup.  As the name implies, it’s a great Midge cluster pattern when you’ve got Midges on the water…well..doing their thing, ya know.  However, we sell most of them during the Trico hatch on the Missouri during July, August and September.  It’s a great “first fly” to drop another dry fly off the back like a Zebra Midge or Luv Bug during Midge time or a drowned Trico during that madness on the MO!  A size #14 or #16 is not a problem to use for Midges or Tricos -remember, you are imitated a cluster of bugs.  We do sell a bunch of them in #18 as well.

For the best performance with this dry fly use it with our amazing Jet Fuel Fly Floatant!  It will make your dry fly float high on the water for hours.

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