Corn-Fed Caddis CDC


Corn-Fed CDC Caddis
Sizes:  #14,  #16,  #18


Corn-Fed CDC Caddis
Sizes:  #14,  #16,  #18

When caddis are present on the MO, the Corn-Fed Caddis fly pattern is one of the most effective flies there is. Also makes for a great Midge cluster or Trico cluster pattern. Be sure to stock up on some of these babies today!  A very durable fly as well and when dipped in our Jet Fuel Floatant, this CDC fly will float of hours and a few fish before needing re-treatment.  Note- because it’s tied with mostly CDC, you cannot use the standard gel floatants on this fly (Aquel, Gink, etc.)  You need to use our superlative liquid floatant, Jet Fuel Floatant, or one like Umpqua’s Dry Magic or Loon’s Lochsa.

Shop Staff Notes:  Along with the Hi-Vis CDC Rusty Spinner (and PMD & BWO), this is Outfitter/Guide, Chris Strainer’s go-to dry fly!  “I use this  fly as much for non-Caddis hatches as I do for a Caddis.  It’s just a puff ball of CDC and looks incredibly buggy.  I love tying (and tying) with CDC and I’ve always said that you could just tie a bunch of CDC on a hook and catch fish on the MO with it.  Well, this is pretty much it! It does have a touch of antron and dubbing but that just adds to the profile and durability of the fly.  I love fishing this during the Trico Spinner fall and my clients are almost always skeptical when I tie a fly that’s 10 times larger than a real trico. But it’s a cluster pattern meant to imitate a pile of spinners, not just one. The skepticism quickly fades when they see fish after fish take their fly! Even at a distance, you can spot this fly from the masses littered on the water. This trick works for Midges as well.”

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