CrossCurrents Fly Shop Gift Card


CrossCurrents Fly Shop Gift Card



CrossCurrents Fly Shop Gift Card (in various amount)

Do you have someone that loves fly fishing in your life?  Not sure what to get them for their birthday, Christmas or other holiday? We can make that super easy.  A CrossCurrents Fly Shop Gift Card is always a good idea for a gift they will be sure to enjoy and is always the perfect size.

We have a lot of people buy loved ones Gift Cards in amounts that are for our Guide Trips ($450 – $650), Fly Fishing Schools ($200) and/or Fly Tying Classes ($85).  (If you purchase a gift certificate for a Guide Trip, School or Class, that does not mean you have a date set!!  The recipient of the card must contact CrossCurrents Fly Shop and arrange for their specific date for their trip or class.)  Other popular amounts are:  $200 for Clearwater Rod,  $500 – $550 for Recon Rod, and $900 – $950 for Helios 3 Fly Rod.

If you need a Gift Card for an amount not in our online selection, please just call our Helena store (406-449-2292) or e-mail the shop and we will make you one for the exact amount you are looking for.  They never expire and never go out of style.

We put our Gift Cards inside a small Greeting Card (see photo) and we always give a cool CCFS sticker with every Gift Card purchase!

Give the thoughtful gift of choice to the angler on your list.

NOTE for Online Use of Gift Cards:  We are working on being able to redeem gift cards on our secure online shopping site but do not have that available at this time.  For now, please just give us a call in our Helena shop and we will help out with Gift Card redemption. It’s easy to do redeem it over the phone. Thank you.

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25.00, 50.00, 75.00, 85.00, 100.00, 150.00, 200.00, 250.00, 300.00, 350.00, 400.00, 450.00, 500.00, 525.00, 550.00, 585.00, 650.00, 800.00, 900.00, 950.00


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