Hi-Vis CDC PMD Spinner


Hi-Vis CDC PMD Spinner
Size: #14, #16, #18

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Hi-Vis CDC PMD Spinner
Size: #14, #16, #18

Like it’s counter part, the Rusty Spinner, this Hi-Vis CDC PMD Spinner pattern is one amazing fly! We can typically use the Rusty Spinner throughout most of the year, but we switch to these gems during the PMD hatch (starting in mid to late June through early August) because they can be more effective when those trout get picky on the color.  We also sometimes use these during the emergence as a “knock-down dun.”  It has CDC wrapped around the post for amazingly lifelike look and “movement” and float ability and a light wrap of dry fly saddle hackle to help “support” the CDC and add a lot more durability to the fly.  When you dunk this dude in our liquid Jet Fuel Floatant, you will have a dry fly that will perform superlatively well, be visible to you and be irresistible to the trout! (Don’t use “gel” type floatants on CDC flies -only our Jet Fuel or powders.)  Our most popular size is #16 but we fish them from #14 to #18.  (We also have this same fly pattern in Rusty, Trico and BWO colorations.)  If you plan on fishing the Missouri River between late June through July, then I would stock up on this pattern in all three sizes.

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