JamPac Pro Fly Box


JamPac PRO Fly Box
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JamPac PRO Fly Box

The JamPac Pro Fly Box is an extremely versatile organizer, it’s a great guide or boat box that fits nicely into boat bags and hatch compartments. Its design allows anglers to separate different sizes and types of flies, split shot, indicators, floatants, etc. and then easily resupply each individual cup when needed. Fly tyers are already utilizing the JamPac as a tying bench organizer for hooks, beads, materials, etc. and even as a travel kit. This is an awesome organizer for guides, shops and fly tyers. It holds 20 fly cups, including 8 standard cups with tethered lids, eight divided cups with tethered lids and 4 midge cups with removable lids. all cups nest tightly into the high density foam liner. CCFS Logo on front lower left corner!

Shop Staff Notes:  It is almost a guarantee that pucks will end up outnumbering fly boxes in our boat bags and boats. The JamPac Pro Fly Box helps tame the many pucks we collect throughout the season in one organized box. We see more of our guides each season picking up this box to add to their arsenal.

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Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX


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