1457 Articulated Streamer Box


1457 Articulated Streamer Box
-Purchase made in Montana!

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1457 Articulated Streamer Box
Size: 6 3/4″ x 4″ x 1 3/8″

The 1457 Articulated Streamer Box is a water resistant articulated fly box with stainless hooks and slot foam to hold large articulated patterns. CCFS Logo on the front of the box!

Shop Staff Notes:  We think this box is good for the ‘not quite a streamer junky’ who still likes to dabble with the occasional articulated streamer. It’s not a huge overbearing fly box by any means, but still has plenty of room to keep good chunks of meat well organized and safe. (Psst- it’s a lot like the Pan-D box.)

Other items to consider: Conehead Bow River Bugger, Doc’s Articulator, Kreelex Minnow, Sparkle Minnow, Orvis Mirage Tippet, Rio Fluoroflex Tippet, Rio Versileader.

Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX


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