RIO Versileader


RIO Versileader
Available in 7′ (Trout) or 10′ (Medium or Heavy) and 4 densities.


RIO Versileader
Available in 7′ (Trout) or 10′ (Medium or Heavy) and 4 densities.

UPDATED AND IMPROVED in 2023!  RIO Versileaders make your floating fly line into an easy to cast, easy to adjust the sink rate -sink tip fly line.  They are a polymer coated tapered leader offered in a variety of sink rates from 1.5 ips to 6 ips. They are a great addition to single-handed rods and with Spey lines and Scandinavian style heads and provide the angler with a wide range of quick-change depth options. A neat, bullet-proof welded loop at the butt end allows for fast rigging.  They have the sink rates printed on the color-coded welded loops.  They come in 3 different tippet-end weights to match you fly size and fishing situation- Trout (7′ long with 12 lbs tippet-end), Medium (10′ long with 20 lbs) and Heavy (10′ long with 25 lbs).  The leaders are available with the following sink rates:

  • Float -clear loop
  • Intermediate (1.5 ips) -clear loop
  • Medium Sink (4 ips) -yellow loop
  • Fast Sink (6 ips) -grey loop

Shop Staff Notes:  The RIO Versileader is so nice to use. Who needs to buy a spare spool, backing and another fly line now that these simple leaders are available. You can turn any floating fly line -wether fished on a single-hand fly rod or a two-handed spey or switch rod. You can fish a small streamer or soft hackle just under the surface with a 6′, 1.5 ips (inches per second) leader, than quickly and easily switch to dredging deeper with the 10′, 7.0 ips.  They cast well and are color coded and laser printed to let you know what sink rate you have.  We sell LOTS of these every year because they are so practical and effective.  We mainly fish the Heavy or Medium sizes when stripping or swinging streamers as we like to use 0X for our tippet (which is about 15 lbs test, so it matches well with the 20 or 25 lbs tippet-end of these leaders.  If you’re swinger smaller flies, like soft hackles, us the Trout Versileader.   We make a large perfection loop on the exposed mono leader on the end and then just add 1′-2′ of Tippet using another perfection loop. Super simple, super quick. You can also tie a Micro Swivel or Tippet Ring to the end then just tie on a short piece of tippet to you fly. Get at least two of these and use them to catch more fish!

Here’s a short and informative video on Vimeo explaining and demonstrating the RIO Versileader.

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7' Trout, 10' Medium, 10' Heavy


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