RIO Euro Nymph Leader


RIO Euro Nymph Leader
Length: 11′-12′ ; Size: 0X/2X
Colors:  Pink/Yellow  ;  Black/White


RIO Euro Nymph Leader
Length: 11′-12′ ; Size: 0X/2X
Colors:  Pink/Yellow  ;  Black/White

A Uniquely Designed, Tapered Leader – Perfect for European Nymphing Methods

  • Innovative 11′ tapered leader designed specifically for the need of Euro Nymphing
  • 9′ Opaque White 0X butt section of the leader for visibility
  • 22″ of high-vis 2X two-tone indicator tippet section for the sighter
  • Finished with a 2mm Tippet Ring for fast, strong rigging
  • Perfection Loop on the Butt Section for easy attachment to you fly line

RIO’S Euro Nymph Leader is a uniquely designed tapered leader, and ideal for European nymphing techniques. The leader starts with 9’ of a milky-white tapered nylon for visibility,  which is then attached to 22” of RIO’s 2X, two-tone Indicator Tippet material, for maximum visibility in all light conditions, and to make subtle strike detection easier. The leader ends with a tippet ring, allowing anglers to attach their own tippet to match the water type and conditions.

Euronymph Equipment you’ll need:
RODS:  Clearwater 103,  Recon 103,  Helios 3F 103
LINES:  RIO FIPS Euro Nymph Line,  RIO Nymph Shorty
LEADERS:  RIO Euro Nymph Leader,  Orvis Tactical Nymph Leader
TIPPET:  RIO Two Tone Indicator Tippet,  Fluorocarbon Tippet.
FLIES:  Jig Style or Heavily Weighted Flies for Point Fly (bottom) and either a weighted fly or standard nymph for the dropper

Shop Staff Notes:  The RIO Euro Nymph Leader is an effective and easy to use leader system for European-style nymphing techniques (Czech Nymphing, Polish Nymphing, etc.).  Just add Tippet off the attached 2mm Tippet Ring to the length you need for the specific depth or technique you are using.  We almost always use Fluorocarbon Tippet for this because of it’s stealth, its slight negative buoyancy and abrasion resistance. Most common size Fluoro Tippet to add off the Ring is 4X and 5X but using 3X for bigger bugs (even streamers!) or broken water or 6X for smaller bugs and deep, slower water is also common. The thinner the tippet, the faster it sinks and easier to cut through the water column.  This leader is a bit easier to cast and work with than RIO’s Technical Euro Nymph Leader but it’s a a bit shorter and thicker. That means it doesn’t sink quite as quickly as the Tech leader and you may find it annoying to have the loop-to-loop connection sliding in and out of your guides when fishing at certain distances. If you’re new to Euronymphing, I would recommend this leader over the Tech leader to get started with.

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