RIO Fluoroflex STRONG Tippet


RIO Fluoroflex STRONG Tippet, 30-Yard Spool
Sizes:  1X,  2X,  3X,  4X,  4.5X,  5X,  5.5X


RIO Fluoroflex STRONG Fluorocarbon Tippet Material
30-Yard Spool
Sizes:  1X,  2X,  3X,  4X,  4.5X,  5X,  5.5X

  • Made from 100% Fluorocarbon
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy to tie
  • Refraction index similar to water, so fish can’t see it
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for: dry flies, soft hackles nymphs

Ultra-Strong, 100% Fluorocarbon With Exceptionally High Tensile Strength, And Exceptionally Easy To Tie Knots In

How Does Fluorocarbon Work When Tied To Nylon?

RIO’s newest tippet material is an ultra-strong, 100% fluorocarbon with exceptionally high tensile strength. The material is very easy to tie knots in, with high knot strength and a smooth finish that ensures knots seat easily and tightly. The high break strength to diameter ratio makes this a fantastic fluorocarbon for the trout fly fisher. RIO is proud to introduce “half sizes” of core trout diameters, giving anglers an extra choice when faced with the decision to choose between, say 4X and 5X. Our new 6.5X, 5.5X and 4.5X sizes will make those decisions easier. Each spool has 30 yards of top quality material spooled on, though for those who use a lot of fluoro, our Guide spools each have 100 yards spooled on.

Shop Staff Notes:  This new RIO Fluoroflex STRONG Tippet is truly a premium product and worth the extra few bucks for the extra strength and performance you get from using it.  There’s been a boom in fluorocarbon technology the last couple years and that has translated into improved products for anglers. Better knotability and overall strength are noticeable.  Our staff usually uses Orvis and SA products but we all have no problem using RIO and what’s nice is that RIO, Orvis and SA are very compatible when knotted to each other.  I would feel confident with RIO or Orvis or SA tied to my fly when a big brown inhales my bug!  Sometimes it’s a matter of what plastic spool you like to use.  (RIO, Orvis/SA don’t click into one another so it’s easier to stick with one brand over the other.).  Just about everyone on staff prefers fluorocarbon tippet over nylon for most of our fishing on the MO -especially for our dropper fishing with dries or nymphs. The added cost is well worth the added stealth, wet knot strength and abrasion resistance.

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