Keller Nightmare


Keller Nightmare
Sizes:  #6
Colors:  Brown,  Yellow


Keller Nightmare
Sizes:  #6
Colors:  Brown,  Yellow

One of the most popular articulated streamers out there, we carry this fly in several colors and sizes because it’s such an effective fly pattern. If you’re looking for some new meat to throw, give this one a try.

Excellent on the Missouri River, over on the Big Blackfoot, and a must have when floating the Smith River.  We are sure this streamer will work in any river that has large trout in it!   Fish this fly on a traditional leader or better yet, use a RIO Spey VersiLeader to help get your fly down to the right depth.

If you are a streamer junkie -or just want to catch some big fish -pick up a few Keller Nightmares in both colors today and give them a try, you’ll like the results!

Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX

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Brown, Yellow




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