Orvis Encounter 9′ 6-weight Rod Outfit


Orvis Encounter 9′ 6-Weight Fly Rod Outfit
Item No.: 2EGJ-53-63
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Orvis Encounter 9′ 6-Weight Fly Rod Outfit
Item No.:  2EGJ-53-63

  • 9′ 6-weight, 4-piece fly rod
  • Smooth, crisp casting performance
  • A great quality fly rod outfit at an affordable price
  • Packaged with a large arbor Encounter Reel, Weight-Forward Floating Fly Line, Backing and a Leader
  • Comes with a cordura rod tube w/ internal rod section dividers
  • Designed in Vermont
  • FREE Shipping -use code:  ccfsfreeship

Instead of the term “entry level,” we prefer to describe our new Encounter rod outfits as “affordable awesomeness.” Built for the hardcore angler, yet priced with frugality in mind, the Encounter rod series combines state-of-the-art rod design with a smooth, crisp performance-packaged with a large arbor Encounter reel, weight-forward floating line, backing, and leader. The Encounter rod outfit is easily the best value-priced outfit of its kind. Imported.

Enter the world of fly fishing with ease, with affordable Encounter fly rods. We offer these economy fly rod outfits in the most popular sizes and line weights, so that there is no guessing on your part. Complete with fly rod, reel, line, and backing, the Encounter package delivers higher quality than any other value package you’ll find, and makes a great gift for new anglers or for any angler looking for a backup fly rod. With six models under $200 each, these discount fly rods make it easy for the novice angler to get in on the sport of fly fishing.  Designed in Manchester, VT. Assembled in Asia.   NOTE- The Encounter series rods are exempt from Orvis’ standard 25-year guarantee, but they do come with a limited warranty against defects in the original workmanship. If, by any means, the rod is deemed defective by the Orvis Rod Shop, Orvis will be happy to replace it.

Rod Outfits include:  Rod, Reel, Backing, Line and Leader all spooled up, ready to go and with a rod tube and reel bag.  The reel is spooled up Left-Hand Retrieve but is easily changeable by the user to right-hand if so desired.  FREE Shipping on these Rod Outfits -use the coupon code: ccfsfreeship. (Another $20-$25 in savings!)

Shop Staff Notes The Orvis Encounter 9’ 6-Weight Fly Rod is and excellent choice for getting started and fishing medium to big rivers or for light Bass.  We sell this Encounter 9′ 6-wt to lots of folks just starting out in fly fishing and don’t have a lot of money to invest in a new rod.  Many people find a 6 weight to cast easier than a 5 weight due to the extra power.  It’s also easier to cast when the wind is blowing.  Of course you’ll get more performance with a Clearwater 906-4 and American-made craftsmanship when you jump up to the Recon 906-4 or Helios 3F 906-4 or Helios 3D 906-4 but if your budget it tight, you’ll truly enjoy this Encounter Rod Outfit.

Encounter Rod Outfits we carry:  Encounter 865-4,  Encounter 905-4,  Encounter 906-4

FREE Shipping (use coupon code of ccfsfreeship)
NO SALES TAX -purchase made in Montana

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