Orvis SuperStrong Plus Tippet


Orvis SuperStrong PLUS Tippet Material
30-Meter Spool  ;  0X through 7X
Item No.:  2FC0-60-


Orvis SuperStrong PLUS Tippet Material
30-Meter Spool
Item No.:  2FC0-60-

  • Nylon freshwater tippet
  • Perfectly-balanced blend of elasticity, knot strength, and suppleness
  • Highest knotted strength of any nylon material on the market
  • Built in cutter on spool
  • Spools clip together and enable to spin independently

Meet the ideal all-around freshwater tippet material. The knotted strength of Orvis SuperStrong Plus Tippet is higher than any other nylon material, meaning when that big brown chomps on your hopper, you can finish the fight without fear of breakage. In clear.

Check out this short video on SuperStrong Plus Tippet:  Fly Fishing Tippet -Orvis SuperStrong Plus


Nylon is pressure and heat tempered through a proprietary manufacturing process of elastic deformation to create higher tensile strength. This removes stresses induced during the extrusion process of drawing and cooling, and it reduces water absorption for high wet tensile and knot strength. And unlike many materials on the market that measure anywhere from a half to a full X size higher than what is stated on the spool, SuperStrong Plus is true to X size standards.


Although SuperStrong has been a highly successful and reliable tippet material for us and thousands of customers, we recently found a material that is better in a number of aspects. The main improvements are that it has higher knot strength and more abrasion resistance, which will benefit fly anglers in any situation, from trout to steelhead to bonefish.


SuperStrong + is an entirely new material, from a different manufacturer than SuperStrong. It has higher dry break strength, higher knot strength both wet and dry, and higher abrasion resistance than Super Strong. Super Strong was tinted a pale green; this material is clear. (We don’t see any practical advantage or disadvantage to either)


Many anglers fish nylon leaders with fluorocarbon tippets. As with using straight fluorocarbon, knots are more difficult because the fluorocarbon is stiffer and does not draw tight as easily as nylon. Still, Super Strong + works just fine with fluorocarbon if knots are carefully tied, wetted, drawn tight quickly, and tested—just as you would with any knots.


Our leaders are now made from the same superior material. The tapers are better than our preceding SuperStrong leaders, the main difference being a more gradual taper in the mid-section, which gives you better turnover.


You would not think the difference of .001” would matter in fishing, but it does in trout fishing, where you try to make your fly look unconnected and natural. We have all seen instances where 6X worked far better than 5X, even with the same fly, and it has everything to do with the smaller diameter having less influence on the drift of the fly as opposed to visibility. Additionally, a finer diameter tippet has more air resistance and lands with less disturbance on the water. This is not as important in streamer fishing for trout, bass, pike, and saltwater fishing—where the fly is pulled through the water by the angler and a smaller diameter offers only minimal advantages. But in these situations, Super Strong’s strength and abrasion resistance make it superior.

Shop Staff Notes:  The Orvis SuperStrong Plus Tippet material is excellent and a great choice for your all around fly fishing -dries, nymphs and streamers. It’s supple for drag-free dry fly presentations and it knots up beautifully.  Another good choice for tippet that adds a more stealth and abrasion resistance is the Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon Tippet.

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