Tacky-Orvis Deluxe Fly Box with Free Flies



Tacky-Orvis Deluxe Fly Box
Item No: 2JJA-00-00
Includes 3 FREE flies and a shop sticker*

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Tacky-Orvis Deluxe Fly Box
Item No: 2JJA-00-00
CrossCurrents Fly Shop exclusive: 3 FREE flies and a shop sticker*

  • Patent Pending Slit Silicone storage system anchors the flies unlike anything else
    • Holds flies tighter
    • Withstands extemes in temperatures
    • Bright green color for high contrast
  • Other size features the original, off-set slit silicone designed to comfortably hold up to 168 flies per side
    • Holds a total of up to 336 flies!
  • Latch-less magnetic closure system
    • Long lasting strength
    • Durability tested and passed

A collaboration between Orvis and Tacky to create an exclusive high-volume, low-profile, and highly durable fly box. Tacky mats are silicone that hold flies tighter and are much more durable with excellent resistance to the elements. Polycarbonate box has a slim profile, won’t warp, takes up less room in vest pockets and has a secure latch-free magnetic closure. Facing mats offer a capacity of 336 flies. Teardrop and slit designed to hold size 10 to 18 flies, but will hold larger and smaller flies with ease. In solid gray polycarbonate box with bright green silicone inside.

7″L x 3¾”W x 1″D.

Shop Staff Notes:  The Tacky-Orvis Deluxe Fly Box is one of the most practical fly boxes you can own.  Great size to fit in a chest/sling pack or boat bag.  Not sure if you’ll find a better box for medium (#10) to small (#22) nymphs!  The bright green silicone inside makes for great contrast to see all your bugs clearly (I guess unless you’re just fishing chartreuse san juan worms!). This box is durable and well worth the $35 price tag.

*Purchase will include three FREE flies and a CCFS Sticker! The fly selection and sticker will vary. This is a $11.50 value!

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Purchase made in Montana so NO SALES TAX


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