TenkaraUSA Amago Fly Rod


Tenkara USA Amago Fly Rod
Length:  13’6″
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Tenkara USA Amago Fly Rod
Length:  13’6″

Named after one of Japan’s most beautiful mountain stream trout, the TenkaraUSA Amago is our longest non-zoom rod at 13ft and 6inches long (410cm). Longer rods provide distinct advantages over shorter rods. Generally speaking, we recommend using the longest rod you can for the stream you are fishing.

Based on the request of several tenkara anglers this rod has a black finish. The handle was meticulously designed to provide good counterbalance to the long rod and for extra comfort on a long day of casting your delicate line and fly . The wider end of the handle serves two purposes: it provides a slightly better counter balance to the rod, and serves as a good grip for using the full length of the rod.

Length: 13ft 6in (410cm)
NOTE: Due to the telescopic nature of the rods, and the fact that we rounded the numbers to have a clean metric-to-English conversion, rod lengths may vary slightly from indicated.
Closed length: 21 1/8 inches (53.5cm) including cap
Number of segments: 10
Handle length: 11 inches (27.5cm)
Weight: 3.5oz (100grams)
Finish: Black
Made in China with Japanese materials

Shop Staff Notes:  This is the “power” rod in TenkaraUSA’s line up.  If you want to target larger Trout or even other fish species (Bass, smaller Carp, etc.) then get this rod. It’s also priced right for many people’s budget.

To learn more about TenkaraUSA’s rods, lines, flies and more and how to fish with tenkara rods check out their YouTube Channel:  TenkaraUSA on YouTube.
Here’s an episode that Big Sky Outdoors did in 2015 showing you all about fly fishing with Tenkara in Montana:  Big Sky Outdoors -Tenkara Fishing.

Line is NOT included with this rod and must be purchased separately.  We recommend using the 13′ Traditional Tapered Tenkara Line or the 14′ Nylon Tapered Line.

FREE Shipping on this product -use code:  ccfsfreeship

TenkaraUSA rods we carry:  Iwana,  Sato,  Rhodo,  Hane,  Ito,  Amago

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