Orvis Recon 10′ 4-weight Fly Rod


NEW Orvis Recon 10′ 4-Weight Fly Rod
Rod Only:  2TMN-51-64 or  9 Different Rod Outfits
FREE Shipping!! -use promo code: ccfsfreeship
NO SALES TAX! -purchase made in Montana


Orvis Recon 10′ 4-Weight Fly Rod
Rod Item #:  2TMN-51-64;  9 Rod Outfits Available

Fly Rod Features:

  • High-performance Taper with a fast action feel with sweet, lightweight swing weight (meaning it’s casts and mends super awesomely!)
  • 10′ 4-weight, 4-Piece Fly Rod
  • Blanks are matte olive with charcoal and spring green accent
  • Improved, unsanded ferrule design
  • Lightest-weight rod in its class
  • Quick rod identifier on the blank
  • Silver snake and stripping guide
  • Pewter type III anodized aluminum reel seat with a beautiful burl wood insert
  • Nylon covered rod tube
  • Covered by the Orvis 25-year Rod Guarantee
  • Made in the USA  (Go team, go!)
  • FREE SHIPPING!! (use promo code:  ccfsfreeship)

The Recon 4-Weight 10′ 4-Piece Fly Rod offers extended reach for mending and line control in a mid-weight trout rod. Whether swinging streamers across and down, extending drifts near the banks from a moving drift boat, or tracking a nymph rig a few feet further in the zone, this 10′ 4-weight Recon gives you the ability to cover more water, extend your fly’s time in the zone, and has the power to handle big trout, light bass, and even light steelhead. A superior value in a mid-priced rod with premium performance. Helios™ 3 is the benefactor behind the new Recon, utilizing its construction techniques and performance attributes to refine and improve the new series. Increased hoop strength, better tracking, improved damping, and ultimately, significantly improved accuracy are now incorporated into the Recon that is also stronger, more impact resistant, and offers the mid-price buyer access to the best technology Orvis fly rods have to offer.  Skillfully designed and made in Manchester, Vermont, USA.

Rod Outfits include:  Rod, Reel, Line, appropriate size and amount of colored, Dacron Backing all spooled up, ready to go and with a rod tube and rod bag and reel case.  The reel will be spooled up Left-Hand Retrieve, unless you specify right-hand retrieve in the Notes at check out.  Also to let us know in the Notes section of any fly line choices if that’s an option.  FREE Shipping on these Rod Outfits -use the promo code: ccfsfreeship. (Another $25-$30 in savings!)

OUTFIT #1:  Rod-Hydros-Mastery Line Outfit includes:

  • NEW Recon 104-4 fly rod
  • NEW Hydros II Reel in Black (or Silver)
  • SA Mastery Anadro/Nymph  (or SA Mastery MPX or Orvis Hydros Trout fly line -specify in the Notes at checkout)
  • Retail Price:  $807   Special CCFS Outfit Price:  $725

OUTFIT #2:  Rod-Hydros-SMOOTH Line Outfit includes:

OUTFIT #3:  Rod-Hydros-TEXTURED Line Outfit includes:

OUTFIT #4:  Rod-Mirage LT-Mastery Line Outfit includes:

  • NEW Recon 104-4 fly rod
  • Mirage LT II Reel in Black (unless you specify Olive)
  • SA Mastery Anadro/Nymph  (or SA Mastery MPX or Orvis Hydros Trout fly line -specify in the Notes at checkout)
  • Retail Price:  $967   Special CCFS Outfit Price:  $860

OUTFIT #5:  Rod-MIRAGE LT-SMOOTH Line Outfit includes:

OUTFIT #6:  Rod-MIRAGE LT-TEXTURED Line Outfit includes:

OUTFIT #7:  Rod-BATTENKILL DISC-MASTERY Line Outfit includes:

  • NEW Recon 104-4 fly rod
  • Battenkill Disc II Reel in Black Nickel
  • SA Mastery Anadro/Nymph  (or SA Mastery MPX or Orvis Hydros Trout fly line -specify in the Notes at checkout)
  • Retail Price:  $747   Special CCFS Outfit Price:  $675

OUTFIT #8:  Rod-BATTENKILL DISC-SMOOTH Line Outfit includes: 

OUTFIT #9:   Rod-BATTENKILL DISC-TEXTURED Line Outfit includes: 

Shop Staff Notes:  The NEW Orvis Recon 10′ 4-weight Fly Rod is a beautiful rod for nymphing but it can also toss dries and even small streamers but this baby excels when nymphing. You can Euronymph with this rod but the trend in that arena is lighter so I would lean towards the 10′ 3-weight if you want a rod more in tune to Euronymphing.  What we love to use the 104 for is indicator nymphing either wading or from the boat.  If you’re in Strainer’s guide boat (or a few of our other Guides that are also fans of the 104) and you’re throwing indicators, you’ll have a 104 in hand.  For the rear angler, the 10′ rod keeps the fly line from tangling around the oars and when he hollers at you to mend, the 10′ rod mends so effortlessly and effectively! This mega ability for mending also pays big dividends when you’re wading too. That’s whey we have paired this rod up in our Outfits with the Anadro/Nymph and Infinity lines. These lines pair up so perfectly for nymphing -but will also do well with dries or streamers. Both these lines, have very long rear tapers that allow for amazing mends -which will get you better drifts -which will get you into more fish!  The Recon performs like many rods twice it’s price (except the Helios 3F 104-4 of course!).  If you have one fly rod to pick and $498 is in your budget or maybe just above your budget, than save money on the reel (maybe get a Clearwater Large Arbor or Battenkill Disc instead of a Hydros or Mirage LT) and get this rod! This is a perfect rod for dry flies, for nymph fishing and for pitching streamers. Fishing from a boat, wade fishing or kick boat, this is a versatile rod. Grab your topo map and go explore some blue lines!

Purchased in Montana so there’s NO SALES TAX

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