AIRE 130d Raft on Smith River

AIRE 130d on the Smith River

Fall is knocking on the door and that means better fishing ahead, wearing waders once again -and selling off some of CCFS’s Rental Fleet!  Every year at this time, we move out about half of our Rental Rafts that we rent for the Smith River and the MO and Blackfoot.  It’s such a win-win for our Customers and the shop.  We get to rent new or 1 year old boats every year for the Smith and our Customers get a great deal on lightly used boats!

Heres the list of what we’ve got For Sale and links to the manufacturers websites so you can read all the details on each boat.  All these are decked out with custom frames, excellent oars, anchors, pumps, etc, check more info directly with the store.

2020 AIRE Super Puma – $5700 (retail is $7600)
The Super Puma is our most popular boat we sell because of it’s versatility and size. It’s the most maneuverable 13′ raft out there – we call it the sports car of inflatables. Excellent choice for 3 buddies going fishing but can also handle 2 peeps and gear for a Smith trip. This boat is AIRE Blue in color and has the Sealed Floor Pocket upgrade, a dry box and more.

2016 AIRE 130d – $4495 (retail is $8100)  -SALE PENDING
This was Strainer’s guide boat for past 4 years but he switched to the NRS Dodger this year.  This is a great boat with the Sealed Floor Pocket upgrade and decked out for anyone looking to fish on day trips or overnight trips.  It’s similar in profile to the Super Puma but is wider making it easier to haul gear or bigger people.  AIRE blue in color.

2020 NRS Dodger XL  – $4975 (retail is $7660)
A new design from NRS last year, the Dodge has taken off this season. Diminishing tubes, wrap around chaff guards on the stern make this boat handle nimbly on the water and is perfect for the fishing style frame we outfit these boats with.  At 13’9″, it’s got a little more room than the 130d but not as heavy as a 14′ boat. We plan on carrying more of these in 2021! This boat is Light Gray in color.

2020 AIRE Tributary 14 HD  – $4000 (retail is $6200)
This is a lower price boat to begin with and has been a great way for many folks to get a durable raft without having to drop the major bucks that the higher-end, American made boats run. This boat is in great shape and will be perfect for that family to get a verse boat while still leaving enough money for a bunch of shuttles. To put it in terms of Orvis fly rods, this is the Clearwater -solid performer but not as awesome as the H3. The frame and oars are the same as we use on the high end rafts so your not loosing anything there.

2020 NRS Otter 140  –  $4200 (retail is $7600)  -SALE PENDING
The Otter 140’s are our most popular boat we rent for the Smith because it’s a 14′ boat but 7′ wide.  That allows for loading and hauling people and gear super easy. It floats higher in the water with more weight in it than the narrower 14’ers.  We usually keep  these 140’s for more than 1 year but this one did receive a little limestone love on the Smith River this June and Ben and Chris had to sew and patch a 4″ cut.  The patch is still perfect and the raft spent another 25+ days on the river without any issues.  NRS blue in color.

2017 AIRE 156d  – $4375 (retail is $8775)
This is another great boat for families and being in the D family from AIRE, it’s the most nimble 15′ raft on the river. This boat is in the cool looking Lime color making it even more fun on the water. It’s the big brother to the 130d and the grandfather to the Super Puma! This boat takes a 60″ wide frame so even through it’s 15.5′ long, it sure doesn’t feel like a big boat on the water.  This boat also has the Sealed Floor Pocket upgrade which also lends to it’s maneuverability and ease of loading at the take-out.

2020 NRS Otter 150 – $6100 (retail is $8100)  -SALE PENDING
This is our Big Boy of our fleet at 15′ long and 7′ wide.  Excellent for 3 people plus gear for the Smith or a greta boat for big waves in whitewater (it did 2 trips down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River this summer!).  NRS blue in color.

2016 NRS Outlaw II Inflatable Kayak  – $440 (retail is $980)
This 2-person IK is a fun boat for play or for overnighting down a river. We installed a NRS Fin Plate to take a variety of SUP Fins for the bottom making this IK trade more like a hard kayak. (Pro tip- don’t try to glue on a 6″ x 10″ patch indoors! I’m sure I’m drain bamaged as a result!) This boat does have one small patch we installed 2 years ago and we’ve had no issues with it since then.  NRS orange in color.

2017 NRS Cruze SUP  – $480 (retail is $885)
This is an excellent all around Paddleboard. It’s 10′ Long, 30″ Wide and 5″ Tall making it super stable for people newer to SUPs or to even fish off in still water.

NRS Otter Self-Bailing Raft

NRS Otter Self-Bailing Raft


I would list the other boat but in the past 24 hours, we have sold 3 rafts, 1 IK and 1 SUP!  We have not posted these yet on Craig’s List.  Once we do that, they usually go in about a week.

FYI- We do not sell these rafts without the frames and oars.  They are a package.  That way we can have new fames, seats and oars each season for our rental fleet. If you just want the boat, then maybe buy the package and you can sell the frame and oars on Craig’s List. Most of these boats are cheaper than buying the raft alone -so it’s like getting a free decked out frame and sweet oars for free!

Give us a call in our Craig shop or drop us an e-mail if you are interested or have any questions.

Now, get out on the water!

10 Responses to Rental Fleet Selling Season- 9/1/20
  1. Hi Chris, Interested in a couple items I’ll swing up to your Craig location around 1:00 PM Today. 10/2/2020

  2. Comment *are there any trailers available for a NRS Dodger NXL and is that boat still available?

    • Thanks for inquiring about our boats and trailers. We sold all our 2020 NRS Dodger XLs earlier this Fall. We will have 3 or 4 of those models in 2021 because we REALLY like that raft! Along with the AIRE Super Puma, the NRS Dodger XL are our favorite rafts because of their maneuverability, lightness, shape and size. The Dodger XL is a bit larger than the Super Puma which makes it a great boat for a Guide or for overnight trips. We won’t have any used rafts until late summer 2021 (August or September). At that same time, we will sell off one of our aluminum raft trailers too. Let us know if you have any more questions or want to order a new AIRE or NRS boat at anytime.

  3. Hello! Is there a way to be notified when boats go on sale in 2021? I’m interested in picking up a used dodger XL. Thanks!

    • Michael, please send us an e-mail stating that you are interested in one of our used rafts later this season. I’ll put that e-mail in special folder. Then, when we get our boats ready to sell, we contact those folks first. Thanks for your interest!

  4. I am interested in your used fishing rafts when they become available. Thank you

    • Tom, We are moving some of our current rental fleet right now (end of August 2021). Here’s what we have:  2019, 15.5’ AIRE 156D (yellow): SALE- $5400 (Retail- $9800);   2020, 15′ NRS Otter 150 (blue): SALE- $4200 (Retail- $8440);   2019, 14′ NRS Otter 140 (blue): SALE- $5900 (Retail- $8500);   2021, 14′ NRS Otter 142 (gray): SALE- 6700 (Retail- $8450);   2020, 14′ AIRE 143D (blue): SALE- $6950 (Retail- $9999);   2021, 13’9″ NRS Otter Dodger (neptune gray): $7250 (normal retail is $8100);   2020, 13′ AIRE Super Puma (gray): SALE: $6375 (Retail- 8500);   2020, 13′ AIRE Super Puma (blue): SALE- 6400 (Retail- 8650);   NEW in box 2021 AIRE Super Puma (blue): $7000 (normal retail is $7860);   NEW in box 2021 NRS Otter Dodger (neptune gray): $7350 (normal retail is $7900);   NEW in box 2021, 14′ AIRE Tributary 14.0: $6500 (normal retail is $7025);   2017, 10′ NRS Cruz SUPs:  $490 (retail is $995).

  5. Comment *I am Interested in your used rafts, do you have any available?

    • Brad, We will have some used rafts available in mid to late July once we get done with our Smith River season. Please e-mail us to get on our waiting list for those rafts. Thanks!


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