The Smith jumped up last week due to all the rain. It’s now on the drop and starting to clear. Flows at the top end are at 702 cfs this morning and 1280 cfs down at Eden Bridge. Most of the snowpack has melted so we are going to rely on the rain to keep it up at floatable levels. Right now things are looking good. It might get a little skinny as we progress into the summer floating season.  The next couple of weeks you should have good conditions for floating -maybe not great fishing conditions.  The river will remain off color for a few more weeks.  The trout will eat in dark water so fear not the dark.  The muddy water mostly affects the dry fly fishing, but it will kick on when there is about 2′ of visibility.

Muddy Water Fishing on the Smith:  When the water is on the rise and off-color, you want to stop and wade fish the inside seams and soft banks with a stonefly nymph and a San Juan Worm.  You can catch fish when you are floating but you’ll do way better to stop and work a good seam. Streamers are also a good tactic to use when fishing from the boat. A Bugger with a sink tip will get you into the deep holding water around the cliff walls and eddies.  Just let it get to the bottom and keep it down there as long as possible. This is a good way to enjoy the scenery as well as fish your way down river. There is no need to stare at a fly or bobber, just get the fly in the water and wait for that tug.

Let us know if we can help you plan for a Smith trip – whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or want to do one of our spectacular Guided Trips.  See our Smith River page for more information. If you need rent a raft or other “river gear,” call, click or stop by to get information and make your reservation.  We’ll have 8, top-of-the-line AIRE & NRS self-bailing Rafts and custom NRS frames and one, 2-person AIRE/Outcast Power Traveler Inflatable Canoe and two, 1-person Outcast kick-boats, two Outcast OSG Commander kick-boats and two NRS Pike Fishing Inflatable Kayaks to rent this season.  You won’t find better boats & frames to rent anywhere else!  Check out our Boat & Equipment Rentals Page for more information and pricing.  Also, Check out our page on the Smith River for information, maps and our popular “Smith River Checklist.”

Current Hatches:

Caddis, Baetis, Salmonflies, Midges & a few other bugs.

Dries:  (Not good in the mud)

-PMX (#8-#12)

-Royal Wulff (#14-#16)

-Parachute Adams (#12-#16)

Nymphs & Streamers:

-Stonefly Nymphs

-San Juan Worms!! (red rules but try pink or orange)

-Prince Nymphs

-Bitch Creek Nymphs

-Buggers (Black, Olive, Brown)

-Flash Fry Zonkers

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