23 Sep 2013
September 23, 2013

Steely Mattioli

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Marcus Mattioli with a nice steelhead on the swing he got out in Oregon this past week. This guy has been on a month long journey through various steelhead grounds and has been picking up some nice fish on the way. Marcus couldn’t finish up the season with us due to school complications, but if anyone out there needs steelhead advice you can find him at Southern Oregon University.

As far as the MO’ goes, fishing has been fair to excellent and everything in between. The streamer bite is continuing to pick up fish with an angler who can cast those clunkers 30 ft. or more. Nymphings still been the best ticket for putting fish in the net consistently. Anything from a small flash midge pattern to a size #16 pheasant tail has been working well. Just mess with your rigs here and there and you’ll be able to find the golden ticket. Fishing a hopper on top has still been consistent, and if you want to get real weird throw a sparkle ant behind it and see what happens.

Temperatures are dropping and we’re forecasted with 60’s for the remainder of the week. Bundle up and fish it when it’s good!

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