29 Jun 2014
June 29, 2014

Sunday Funday

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Streamer Action on the MO

Streamer Action on the MO

Hello World! Fresh Missouri River fishing report: Flows this morning out of Holter Dam are 5220 cfs, water temperature is 59 F. Today (Sunday) is going to be a little bit windy until this evening, then it should let up for most of the upcoming week. The high will be 71 F with a 10% chance of rain.

4 Hot Dries: Cripple #16 and #18, HI-VIS Rusty Spinner #16, CDC Stocking Wing Caddis #16, Parachute PMD #14 and #16

4 Hot Streamers: Sparkle Minnow!?! B/H Wooly Bugger/Grizzly Bugger #6 and #8, J.J. Special, Flash Fry

4 Hot Nymphs: Mirage Nymph #18, Pheasant Tail #18, Czech Nymph #16, Lightning Bug #16

For a much more detailed fishing report call our shop in Craig, Montuckey: 406-235-3433

-Stay Classy You Crazy Fishermen



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