20 Aug 2014
August 20, 2014

Take a Friend Fishing

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Take a Friend

(If he’s your dentist, he may be able to fix your “tippet tooth”)

The Missouri River is a special place for many people. I appreciate the fact that I live so close to the river and can fish here nearly any day of the year. Time spent alone on the river is time well spent and therapeutic. However, to me, I really enjoy bringing friends to the river and sharing the experience with them. Pictured above is my friend, K. Cooper Mitchell D.D.S. I recently shared an evening float on the MO fishing with Doc Mitchell. A fantastic evening it was, but on more than one occasion I noticed the Doc cringed while I pulled and bit tippet materials with my teeth. Pretty sure I’ll be getting some stern advice this fall on my semiannual trip to Park View Dental.  -MikeB

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