30 Jul 2014
July 30, 2014

The King Speaks!!

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DSCN1934We (humans) think that finding, catching & landing fish constitutes enjoyment. YUP! It is fun. It is a past-time thousands of guys & gals pursue.The vast majority of us who seek trout will handle them carefully, fish a barb-less hook and release them so someone else can have an opportunity but more importantly that hen or buck can go produce more of their own specie. In this photo we see another angler that gathers it’s fish prey to survive.


No “catch & release” going on here. From the looks of this Sculpin (larger than average) and the size of the Bull Snake (smaller than average) supper will be quite filling.”A great day of fishing does not necessarily involve any fish” I have repeated this statement hundreds of times throughout my years of guiding, teaching & angling. Enjoying the sights, the sounds, the critters, and the entire experience. Keep in mind “trout do not live in ugly country.” For this snake however fishing is a matter of life and death. It either catches its prey and lives another day or becomes lunch to some other predator.

-Director of Schools-Crosscurrents Fly Shop,

Jim Stein III

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  1. Great article. Ecosystems are fragile. The health of our streams and trout depend upon all creatures, great and small.
    Thanks for sharing your pic and your expertise.


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