18 Apr 2014
April 18, 2014

The Missouri Shuffle

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Nice Rainbow Picked up Wading the Missouri River.

Who says you can’t wade in high waters?

William Logan Darby is an excellent wader in higher than normal flows. He understands that it’s not the size of the cast that matters, but it is all about how one is able to use that cast. The fish right now are not a hundred yards away from the lone wader on the bank. They are actually slow-current thirsty trout that are sitting no more than 4 feet from you at any given time. Sure there’s an abundance of fish in those “middle of the river” seams, but there are just as many on the close bank seams.

So just because the river is rising doesn’t mean you have to be in a boat to have fun. Go out and become a William Darby, AKA “Bucket Master.”

Flow out of Holter Dam are 8360 cfs, compared to a median 5240 cfs, with a water temperature at 43 degrees.

MISSOURI HOT NYMPHS: Czech nymph-Pink, Sow Bug, Wire Worm, FireBead anything.

MISSOURI HOT STREAMERS: Grizzly Bugger, Sparkle Minnow, Olive/white/black Buggers, Skiddish Smolt, J.J. Special.

MISSOURI HOT DRYS (if the trout are up): Classic Parachute Adams, Buzzball or Renegade, Skwalla, Hi-Viz BWO Spinner.

Please call the Craig shop for a more detailed fishing report… 406-235-3433

-Stay Classy you Crazy Fishermen


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