It can take a significant amount of time and money for an angler to find his way to the saltwater flats when living in the middle of Rocky Mountain trout country. Usually there is never really a craving to seek other waters with world class dry fly fishing literally right in your backyard. However, when the president of the Montana Carp Society called and invited us to one of the finest carp flats in the state of Montana we couldn’t resist the adventure.

Needless to say Jim B. and I cancelled our plans to float The MO, dusted off our 7 weights, and bought some carp flies in the shop. We had plans to meet the president at a local gas station somewhere near the secret flat and after a short drive we were in Common Carp heaven. If you closed your eyes for a minute you could imagine yourself at Christmas Island stalking a flat for Bonefish. It may not have been the real thing, but the thought of Carp in Montana seemed enough to keep us interested.

As we waded into the flat the anticipation of my first Carp was killing me, but the conditions weren’t right and the fish weren’t in yet. So we decided to take advantage of rule #1 of the MCS and have a beer back at the truck. Upon return to the sacred Carp flat I found my first feeding fish. I had a few casts into the feeding zone and then he was gone! No need to worry, we continued to work our way through the flat and the president kept our hopes up for another fish or two. However, after another hour we were still carpless and the president decided to pull the plug on the day. In the end, it was still a great day on the water and fishing for a different species brought much needed adventure to the summer. I can guarantee that I will be back to the flat looking to catch myself a Montana Golden Bonefish.

4 Responses to The Montana Carp Society
  1. Good stuff Taylor, writing about fishing and not catching fish at the same time can be tricky, you nailed it.

    • Thanks Garrett! It was a great day of fishing. I can’t wait to get back out there and try them again. Glad to see your following the blog as well!

  2. Comment *I lived my first 62 years in Pennsylvania. Always loved to fish for carp. My son used to call me the carp master. Retired & moved to Libby in 07.
    Often wondered how far I would have to travel to find carp.
    Wow! Will have to take a trip down & see if I can find a place to wet a line from
    shore. Any suggestions?

    • Bill,

      We absolutely love to pursue carp on the fly here in Montana as well. I’m not entirely sure on that side of the mountains where you would be able to go to find a carp, but there has to be somewhere. If you make it over to our side of the mountains, be sure to stop in the Craig shop to chat with me face to face. I don’t dare post any locations online, but if we talk in person, I’ll get you in the right direction.



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