Ed holding his 4th and largest walleye of the season

Last night five members of the Cross Currents team did a late night float from the dam down to the WC bridge. Not only did we catch a lot of nice trout we managed to bag four nice walleye. Even though the flows were high we did very well fishing both streamers and nymphs. Only a couple hundred yards from the launch we were hooked up with our first trout of the evening which took the Flash-back Pheasant Tail. The night only picked up from there. We lost a few fish here and there and then finally hooked up with two trout at time. This turned out to be one of the most wild doubles I personally have ever seen. Both fish put up very challenging fights and were swimming back and fourth between each side of the boat. Ed and Tyler were able to handle the situation, with very little grace to say the least, and land both very nice trout. Tyler’s being a light colored brown trout with a very light blue hue to it.


Nice brown Tyler caught during a double up

The double that occurred was one of the many wild adventures that happened during the nights float. Tyler also caught a beautiful rainbow with a golden tint that was a very healthy looking fish. After this there was a small lull in the fishing and the crew decided to switch it up and began fishing streamers which was certainly a wise choice the first fish we picked up was a nice little walleye. Next, we hooked into at least 8 nice trout on one bank and continued fishing the Olive Crystal Bugger as dark quickly approached. Some of these fish were on crazy eats where the streamer was slammed just as it touched the water. Nearing the end of the float we managed to pick up several more trout and three more walleye leaving us with a large amount of fresh walleye fillets for the nights feast.


Tyler’s golden tinted bow


Zach with his first ever walleye on the fly rod.

To conclude, the fishing has been very good with streamers and nymphs as the water level is starting to stay pretty even.  Our staff had a very interesting evening where some surprisingly large walleye were caught and throwing streamers was the highlight of the night. Today, the flow below Holter remains the same and the flow below Hauser decreased by nearly 500 CFS, along with this the streams around the river are coming down and clearing up. The flow of the Missouri below Holter will hopefully remain about the same or start to fall and let the dry fly action begin. I guess I’ll just sign off with this gorgeous sunset from the excellent night had on the Missouri river.


Gorgeous sunset from The Red Rocket


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