As we floated down the beautiful Smith River, most of us are more than ready to get our lines wet and fish hard. Personally, I just moved here from out of state, Alaska at that, so my knowledge of Montana consisted of only two things: one, Montana is a fly fishing state; and two, that.. read more →

The Missouri River is ideal for learning different approaches of fly fishing; nymphing, fishing dry flies, or throwing streamers are all acceptable productive tactics. Here at CrossCurrents, we like to “Over prepare, then go with the Flow”. Not only can we advise what to have in your boat, we will also discuss observing the water.. read more →

Fishing has been really great for a couple months now, but with the rise in water temperature that is occurring, things are only going to keep getting better. The midge hatch the last few evenings has been incredible, with many fish taking flies on the surface, and now with the rumors of baetis appearing on.. read more →

Orvis Hydros SL Reel “I bought my Orvis Hydros SL III at the beginning of last season, never having owned a disc drag reel before. I spooled it with the Orvis Hydros HD Power Taper line, rigged up my 5wt. rod and set out in search of the big Missouri River trout. It wasn’t long.. read more →

31 Mar 2017
March 31, 2017

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The nymph rig we have here at CrossCurents, saves time and money. With a quick loop to loop connection to your fly line, some tippet and your flies, you’re set up for success on not only the Missouri River, but any river you nymph. A sturdy perfection loop knot, followed by nail knot, indicator, nail.. read more →