BC-steelhead-Chris-2013He’s already gone and he hasn’t even left yet! He becomes giddier than a school girl as this day draws near. He’s in search of anadromous trout in the WILD. It’s an annual pilgrimage that takes him so far north of Montana he’s only 100 miles off the coast of the Pacific. And, it’s the end of October!
This time of year pains me:  three kids in school involved in countless activities that need a chauffeur, too many preseason orders due all at the same time, counting flies in both shops so we know what not to order, tackling the endless list of projects that never got done during our season with a skeleton crew who are also “gone” although they’re still here; the list goes on and on. Welcome to the life as a TroutBum’s girl.

After five years of this, I often wonder, when do I get my annual get away trip? Rather than BC, I’m thinking somewhere warm and sunny. I’m thinking BBBB: beach, bikini, bone fishing in Belize! Guess this will have to be written down under the ten year plan as that’s how many years I have left before all my kids are out of the nest. Hopefully I’ll still want to wear a bikini!

In the meantime, guess I’ll call up the Girls.
Let’s dance!

3 Responses to A Steelhead Widow’s Diary: Day 1
  1. I am confused about the TroutBumGirls associated with CrossCurrents, But Mrs. Strainer, I sympathize with your plight of being a steelhead widow, being a steelhead addict myself, probably worse than your husband. Just be thankful your man is only gone for a week, I have been chasing steelhead for over 3 weeks this fall, both in BC and Idaho. Give Chris my regards when he returns. I’d like to trade stories (lies) with him.

  2. Go getem strainer


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