With this warmer weather and nearby schools closing in on summer break, weekends in craig have started to produce some larger crowds and the possibility of the famous Missouri river bikini hatch. While many of the women that come through Craig are only here to bath in the sun and enjoy the water, there are a few that aren’t afraid to grasp a rod and try their hand at catching a trout or two. Quinci did just that this weekend and landed herself several nice browns including her very first fish on a fly rod (and yes, she did proceed to squeal and carry on when she finally landed this fish).20140607_172656While this was only Quinci’s second time fly fish she caught on quickly and really got the hang of casting, mending, and of course fighting and landing fish. This interest shown by Quinci and other beginners just shows the appeal of this age old sport to a new generation of fly-fishermen and women. The Missouri is and excellent place to get started and learn the basics of fly fishing and with the help of our shop crew we can get anyone set up with the correct flies and gear to catch fish in the Missouri river area. Swing by to get a full fishing report and the Cross Currents expertise on catching these wiley MO trout.

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