It’s a feeling unlike any other. While difficult to explain to the unknowing, the tug and run of a broad-backed buck rainbow is a feeling that one will soon not forget, and after a trying maiden voyage on the Mo, Josh and crew were determined to step back into the ring.

The line tightened and the round 1 bell rang. As the haymakers and hooks were thrown, ducked, and landed, Josh and his quarry danced around the ring, not unlike Ali trading punches with Frazier. With a final shake and flick towards hopeful freedom, this monumental fight came to a end as the net slid into the water and cradled Josh’s first Missouri River leviathan. Under unanimous decision, the victory went to the angler, and for a brief moment, silence fell upon the river as he absorbed the enormity of his accomplishment. A quick picture and toast to the fish gods sent this worthy opponent back to the depths to fight another day.

The point of this story, while somewhat over indulged, is to describe the blessings we are all able to share out on the river. Each experience is unique unto itself, yet similar at it’s core, all leading to memories that will be soon not forgotten and readily recalled. Norman Maclean says that, “It is in the world of slow-time that truth and art are found as one.” Take a moment today to stop and enjoy all the blessings instilled upon us by this magnificent river, and if you get the opportunity, take your brother fishing.


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