There are quite a few different theories on picking out an effective streamer pattern. After spending time in a fly shop, you tend to hear it all. Every theory is worth listening to and after a while you tend to decide what works for you. Here are a handful of ideas that have circulated around the shop this season. None are necessarily right, and they definitely aren’t wrong. Just something to think about…

“They eat this one because it has red on the head, which makes it look like a wounded baitfish.”

“This one is most effective because it is green and the river bottom is green.”

“Big fly=big fish.”

“I think when you strip this one slow, the fish see the materials pulse making it look life like.”

“Bright day, bright fly. Dark day, dark fly.”

“Fish eat a Wooly Bugger the most, it’s the best streamer out there because it’s easy to tie.”

“I start with a light color then work towards black.”

“All good streamers have eyes on them.”

In the end of the day the most important factor in choosing a streamer is confidence. As long as you believe the fly will work and you are able to present it in water where fish are holding, fish will take it. Feeling confident with your streamer will automatically make you focus more on what you are doing which will lead to better fishing and hopefully more fish.

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