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  A hopper eatin’ bow on The MO! This guy preferred the old school flavor of a Dave’s Hopper. read more →

12 Sep 2013
September 12, 2013

Hump Day Trout

Hump Day Trout 1 Comment

It’s a day late, but enjoy this Missouri River Rainbow from a few nights ago. Chris caught a few on a streamer while he made Brock and I row him around all evening. It’s been a while since the three of us fished together. The pearls of shoulder season!  read more →

Nothing beats a beautiful girl with an awesome Missouri River Rainbow! read more →

All trout are great, but I love the natives. There is just something special about catching a species of trout that’s swimming in its original drainage and unmolested by man’s influence. Enjoy this native beauty that was found somewhere on the west side of the divide. read more →

The Samster with a healthy Rainbow Trout he landed on a Parachute Adams #20 during the morning Trico hatch. Not an easy task here on The MO. Job well done Sam. read more →

The boss with a nice brown trout he caught on some unknown river. I guess he won’t share all his secret fishing spots with us in just one season. read more →

    Stay late folks it pays off!   read more →

We have been slacking on getting a good trout picture out every Wednesday but here is Neil and Brock with a nice Missouri River Rainbow Neil caught today up by the Dam. Great job Neil! read more →

Nothing better than a beautiful woman holding a trout to get over that hump and onto the downward slide into the weekend! read more →

The new guy Tyler with a healthy bow after his first day of work. Welcome to Craig! read more →