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Anyone who knows me, knows “cold” does not keep me from fishing. Most, if not all small streams and creeks, will freeze from bank to bank. Especially, with the type of winter Montana has had this season. It does not take many days of warmer temps and longer daylight hours to open those pieces of water. Depending on.. read more →

I know this post might be pushing it a bit for some of you out there. Those of you who can’t seem to break the habit of fishing the same run, same river, same flies, same everything. If you’re into spending your summer days fishing with the masses drinking ice-cold beer and telling fish stories.. read more →

A smiling native from the other side of the divide! read more →

  Another brown was caught off guard sipping near the banks of Montana’s Missouri River. It took the angler over 30 minutes to finally fool this critter. Three different fly patterns and many stealthy casts finally paid off when the fish came to hand. Off he goes to feed another day! read more →

Another Walleye bites the dust on Montana’s Missouri River this week as our very own Eddie “Flymasterdaddy” plucks a dandy from the upper river. Ol’ Ed has traded in his bobber and Fire Bead Sow for some secret streamer rig that the Walleye can’t resist. We think he still likes catching trout, but he was.. read more →

  Grizzly Adams on a visit to Craig, MT read more →

  A little taste of a Missouri River rainbow trout to get you through the work week. This big ol’ fish took a worm fished deep along a nice soft inside seem down in the canyon section.   read more →

Craig, MT is looking good this morning, windless, overcast and a solid 42 degrees at the moment. This afternoon is calling for a 30% chance of rain, a high of 51 degrees and wind becoming NNW at 7 mph. The flow out of Holter is 6530 cfs and the water temperature is 38 degrees. Nymphing.. read more →

23 Oct 2013
October 23, 2013

Hump Day Trout

Hump Day Trout 0 Comment

Tucker knows where it’s at on The MO. One of many nice fish he landed over an epic weekend floating around the Craig area. Lots of trout, many laughs, and probably a few too many PBR’s. Trust me this is a huge fish, Tucker just makes it look small with his XXXL hands. We are.. read more →

16 Oct 2013
October 16, 2013

Hump Day Double

Hump Day Trout 0 Comment

These two might not be the best when paired up for a pool game at Joe’s Bar, but they seem to do alright out on the river. Another nice double on Montana’s Missouri River! read more →