Another Walleye bites the dust on Montana’s Missouri River this week as our very own Eddie “Flymasterdaddy” plucks a dandy from the upper river. Ol’ Ed has traded in his bobber and Fire Bead Sow for some secret streamer rig that the Walleye can’t resist. We think he still likes catching trout, but he was last seen yesterday scraping an old Trout Unlimited sticker off his rig and replacing it with some type of “Walleye for life” looking thing. What’s next Ed? A Walleye tattoo?

Even though most people don’t think of fishing for these predator fish in Montana, there are some opportunities to catch Walleye on The MO. They are usually caught by accident when streamer fishing for trout. However, a few in the know are headed out targeting these toothy critters. Anyone interested in some Walleye fishing tips should stop by and talk to our resident Walleye specialist, Eddie. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be out catching sipping Brown Trout on our favorite dry fly patterns.

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