We love CDC. It just might be the best feather out there to tie your dries with, but why do we love it so much?

It floats well, looks buggy, keeps flies lower in the surface film, and it’s relatively easy to maintain. Here are what the guys at CrossCurrents believe are the top CDC dry fly patterns for Montana’s Missouri River.

5. Harrop’s Hanging Midge Black #22- The midges are hear year around. This is a great fly for those picky eaters in early spring and late fall. Not to mention Midges are the only dry fly game in town during those cold winter months. This fly is tied cripple style and hangs pretty low in the surface film. Its a great all around fly.

4. CDC Winged Emerger BWO #20- A emerger pattern, this little guy does wonders during the BWO hatch in the spring and fall. A must have in your box during the hatch.

3. Harrop’s D&D Cripple PMD #18- A great cripple pattern that is tied in Bob Quigley fashion, but uses CDC as the wing. It floats well and is easily visible as a dry fly, but the body hangs down in the surface film for the fish to see.

2. WaterWisp Adams #16- The WaterWisp patterns are hardly used by anyone here. They are great quality flies that are mostly tied with CDC. In fact, almost all of the fly is constructed using CDC feathers. Try one out some time.

1. CDC Stocking Wing Caddis Cinnamon #16- The Caddis are here all summer long. Sometimes the fish are on them, sometimes not. However, its a must to have a good Caddis selection with you at all times during the season. The Stocking Wing Caddis is by far the best pattern out there.

Now that you know our secrets all you need to do is grab some famous CrossCurrents Jet Fuel Floatant, dunk your favorite CDC Dry, and find some rising fish.

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