Chewys been on the road a bit with the warm weather and the early ice off checking out some of the open waters from Craig to Gallatin Gateway, over the divide to some local freestones to bring YOU an up to date fishing dispatch from the road.

First the local waters…

Flows Below Holter: 4920 cfs (normally 4950)…. Water Temperature: 35° F….

Flows Below Hauser: 5150 cfs (normally 3510)…. Water Temperature: Mid 30’s….

Fishing on the MO has been pretty consistent over the last few days despite the fluctuating flows out of Holter. Nymphing still your best bet for now, low and slow. Flows out of Hauser have been pretty steady along with the fishing, still mostly a nymph game for the time being. Along with Grizzly Bears being sighted in Yellowstone, reports are that a few Redds are moving up towards their spawning grounds, could be the weather or just that these few fish are a few fries short of a happy meal. Whatever the reason if you’re fishing between the dams this weekend keep an eye out for the em’ and let them lay! Its unsportsmanlike, unethical and just flat out disrespectful to the fishery, but who am I to judge. Check out our post from last year  if you need a reminder on what to look for – Don’t Tread on Redds. With that said, the weekend forecast is looking good for getting out on the water and drowning some bugs. Humble fly suggestions for the MO listed below…..

HOT Streamers: Buggers of the Black and Olive variety, Sculpzilla, Kreelex (Silver & Gold flavored), Sparkle Minnows & MT Mouthwash.

HOT Nymphs: Silver lightning bugs, Pink Amex, Small FB Rays, Brassies, Mirage nymphs & Love Bugs

Good Dries: Midge Clusters, Hi-Vis Griffiths Gnat, Buzzballs, Small Adams (Grey & Purple) & Traffic Jams.


-Local Freestone Fishing Report-

Blackfoot River at Bonner: 1580 c.f.s

Little Blackfoot at Garrison: 226 c.f.s

Rock Creek at Clinton: 542 c.f.s

Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway: 346 c.f.s


With the warm weather many of the local streams have pushed off the ice into the Clark Fork and opened up some good water. As flows continue to drop slowly over the week and upcoming weekend fish should be taking the opportunity to feed. Water temps are still in the average range so the slow deep pools are still you’re best bet for a productive day. Lower reaches of are mostly free of shelf ice and higher up if gauges do read ice theres still a good chance of open channels and moving water. Don’t be discouraged if the water is a little off color, fish are still hungry so give them something with a big profile trailed by something flashy. Modest fly proposals below.

Superb Streamers:JJ Specials, Simi-Seal Leech, Kiwi Muddlers, Skiddish Smolt

Gnarly Nymphs: Pats Rubber Legs, Hares Ear, Fly Formally Known as Prince, Gummie Worms & Flashback P.Ts

Decent Dries: Keep dreaming, not much longer!


For a human fishing report please stop by or call CrossCurrents Fly Shop in Helena…. 406-449-2292.  We LOVE talking trout…and pike and steelhead and carp and bass and salmon….  Comment below if you have questions or to let us know how your fishing has been this month.


Image 2

Jamesons not included Saturday mornings.

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