What have the contributors and staff of CC been up to lately? The shenanigans have happened, yes.  The summer isn’t over yet and I’m sure there will be plenty of snakes in coolers, missing fire pits, missing keys, late night fish catching floats, and Joe’s Bar stories to come.  Keep reading….

Despite what we thought, Phillip has not ate all of the hatchery trout yet.  I think he is still secretly trying though.  Mr. Ley has been catching a few fish, knocking out shop projects daily and learning what it’s like to be 21 in a drinking town that has a small fishing problem.  Phillip has come a long ways with his fishing skill and it shows. Those fish down on the Beaverhead are trembling in the water awaiting Phillips return to Dillon.

Taylor Todd has full command of his sticks these days.  He has rowed every chance he has come across.  The amount of fishing he has accomplished would even rival that of the man you see in the white Subaru bird dogging all the good dry fly areas.  Taylor took on a Mike Faris apprenticeship early in the season and it has paid off dividends for his dry fly fishing.  I think Taylor is coming back next year with a 200 pound dog, an old dodge truck with no 5th gear, a camper on top and roll your own cigs. (No mother Todd he is not smoking, yet.) The fish will never look up again after he is done. Oh and he is secretly in love with carp.

Billy – Ol’ One Eye Bill has been the fish catching machine this summer.  I think he has decided to throw it all away and live his one eye days out in Craig, MT.  Well, maybe not.  Bill has been successful at sneaking out on the water when most of the staff would stay home due to a threatening thunderstorm.   He has one eye, he doesn’t even see a storm coming.  Bill has been taking the “Legend”, a trusty hyde drift boat, out for many evening floats and doing well with the dry fly.  Bill really has both of his eyes despite a great story about an errant fly and not wearing sunglasses, ladies.

Brock has been a true angel.  Why not, he is always willing to help, at work on time everyday, works his butt off and only catches fish on CDC dry flies in slick water, he is the perfect employee…Plus he is writing this as well.  When not being chased by Jen’s snake wrangling child Andy, I have done a little guiding along with plenty of raft stacking, running shuttles and selling a few flies.  The summer has been good to me, living a step above a van down by the river but most importantly, down by the river.

3 Responses to CurrentSeam Summer Update
  1. I wish my summer had had half as much fishing. My boss has been filling my weekends with twelve hour days, yet mysteriously disappearing mid-afternoon and posting fishing pictures on Facebook. You guys sound like you’ve had a lot of fun.

  2. Shawna "MotherTodd" August 11, 2013 at 8:41 pm Reply

    Thanks Brock for clarifying that tobacco use is not a regular habit of my dear fly fishing son! Though I suspect a few cigars have crossed his lips since his life in Craig began. Keep up with blogging, as we are enjoying it on the California home front. Happy fishing:)


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