The cold and high water found here in the Missouri River, now flowing at 8,670 CFS with a temperature of 51 degrees, is allowing the fish to be very active and feisty. When a fish is hooked expect a fun fight starting with a very long and strong run right after the hook set. Here you see this nice cut-bow getting away from me, luckily, Taylor an expert nets-man was there to save the fish from crashing into the bottom of the boat. It is great to see these large and healthy post-spawn fish frequently still feeding on patterns such as the Wire Worm, Ray Charles, and Rainbow Czech all with either the fire or brass bead. 


This 21 inch bow was caught by first season employee Will Darby on his self-tied olive crystal bugger. This was Will’s first fish on one of the streamers he tied, as one might expect will was ecstatic about catching such a nice fish on a streamer he tied. As far as streamer fishing goes it can be very slow during the day considering the hot and sunny days that have occurred here on the Mo but as dusk closes in a few fish have been caught on very flashy bugs such as the Crystal Bugger, Kreelex, or sparkle minnow. Along with this, at dark a large black bug has been found as effective.

Dry fly fishing has yet to pick up and the only rises are spotted right near dark and are few and far between. If an active fish is seen rising a size 16-18 Parachute Adams, or 18-20 Cluster Midge or Griffith’s Nat can get the fish to strike. With the weather looking rather hot and sunny the next few days it is unlikely to see the number of rising fish increase significantly but, of one is patiently awaiting dry fly fishing bringing a dry fly rig along for the day is highly recomended.



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  1. Nice catch Wills!


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