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The evening of Tuesday, January 21st was one fun night for all those who attended the premiere of the 2014 F3T (the “Fly Fishing Film Tour” for those of you under a rock).  Helena, Montana was the site of the first showing of an awesome set of fly fishing films.  Just over 200 enthusiastic flick fans packed into the Grandstreet Theater to enjoy an evening of film, fellowship, fly fishing, fun, free swag and…beer – good beer from our local crafty brewers over at Lewis & Clark Brewery.  The money netted at the event will benefit our local Trout Unlimited Chapter and hence, help out the MO, her tribs and the Little B.  So you’re saying drinking beer, bs’ing with buddies and watching movies can help my fishing out?  You bet!

CrossCurrents Fly Shop’s “Go-To Girl,” Jennifer Harris, was the event coordinator for the F3T again this year and by the standing room only crowd in the theater and blasting through 2 kegs of brew, I would say she did a stellar job!   Please comment on the post to offer Jen kudos for her hard work!  Thanks.  You can also comment on Jim Stein’s stellar performance on the keg taps!  Jim and Steve kept it flowing as fast until both barrels went dry.  Strainer, basically just stood around talking to people and pretty much doing nothing productive -but that can be tough too!

Thanks to everyone that showed up to attend and a big thanks to all the Pat Barnes TU Board Members who volunteered to make it a great kick off for the 2014 F3T!

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