When it’s 27 BELOW Zero outside -with no chance of fly fishing unless you jump on an airplane and head to lower latitudes -it’s fun to read about the life I live. As I was reading this, I was recalling how it fit perfectly with so many of my customers and I could actually see faces in my mind as Chief Rocka described all the characters you’ll find in a Fly Shop. So, I hope you enjoy the read on this arctic day.
PS- I hope to see some of you tonight at my talk at Montana Wild in Helena. I’ll be blabbering about BC Steelhead and have some fun photos and videos to ogle over. It starts at 6:30pm. Thanks, -Strainer

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  1. Hey Chris – thanks for the feedback and linking up to my blog! Hope you are enjoying your Mystic Rods in the shop. -Bob Barber


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