02 Sep 2013
September 2, 2013

Little Man, Big Bow

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A bahemouth 'Bow for Jase!

Jase, a future shop employee in training, started off the day with this behemoth Rainbow Trout. Him and the Bossman did a morning float from the Dam to Wolf Creek Bridge yesterday. This stretch of water still seems to hold the most trout these days. Tricos are still coming off heavy there and the classic hopper dropper rigs have been picking up the most fish. Keep your nymphs small and you should be hooking up fairly well.

Flows are currently at 2950 cfs compared to the median of 4089 cfs, the water temperature out of the dam is currently at 65 degrees but should spike a little bit as the day heats up. Go out and fish in the morning when those big trout are the most active. Evening fishing is becoming a lot more productive but it still stays hot out until that sun dips beneath the mountains.

Tight Lines!

-Bill and Ed

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