The Missouri River below Holter Dam is fishing very well. Flows are hanging in there at a little above 3,200 cfs today. Water temps continue to drop. We were at 53F this morning. Expecting some clouds over the next few days. Good news for the weekend fishing. Traffic on the river has already picked up.. read more →

02 Sep 2013
September 2, 2013

Little Man, Big Bow

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Jase, a future shop employee in training, started off the day with this behemoth Rainbow Trout. Him and the Bossman did a morning float from the Dam to Wolf Creek Bridge yesterday. This stretch of water still seems to hold the most trout these days. Tricos are still coming off heavy there and the classic.. read more →

Busy morning in the big red barn.  Get out here on this Monday if you have it off. read more →

What better way to bring in half a century than a fly fishing trip to the Missouri River. These boys are going to throw the heaviest of bs towards a Mr. Toby Swank in the next few days. read more →

The shop in Craig, MT is calling your name as the sun shines on it today.  Things are looking up, including the fish.   Trout sipping dries on top.   Get here, go fly fishing on the Missouri River and then stop by the barn and tell us all about it. read more →