Flows on The Mo are remaining steady around the mid 8K range with water temps creeping up as we head into the rest of spring. This morning we are looking at 45 degrees up at Holter. Lots of boats out today as most other rivers in the state are having a little extra water. We are expecting some rain today, a little more tomorrow, and then back to some sun on Monday. Despite the increased river traffic the river is fishing pretty well. Lots of happy anglers out there.

Dries: Midges are mostly getting it done, we are spotting some BWO’s here and there. The dry fly fishing ins’t at our prolific levels as of yet, but that time will come soon. Clusters are the key. Try a good old fashioned G-gnat or a Buzz Ball. Emergers are also great. We really like Sprout’s and then The Hanging Midge.

Nymphs: Getting it done out on the river almost daily. Firebeads, SJ Worms, and Czech Nymphs are all good. Same old drill. Midge patterns as well as Mayflyesque stuff is working as well. Zebra’s, PT’s, and Lightning Bug’s. Some are throwing a little more weight. Getting it down is always key. Remember, more weight needs more bobber.

Streamers: The streamer is back in action here on The Mo! Bill n’ Ed had a good day on some bigger junk the other day. We are really liking white, yellow, and the brighter stuff. Fish are taking a slow strip, they love it when it stops. Let those hungry fellas have time to eat and then hang on.

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