Brad and Krister on the MO

Bent Rod Brad with Krister pulling on the oars on the MO

Sunday! SUNday! SUNDAY! (in monster truck announcer voice) Cold rain and hot coffee this morning. We received a significant shower overnight but the sun is currently out and it should be a nice day. Forecast: hi 62, low 39. Precip: 60% Wind: WNW@ 13mph. The flow out of Holter Dam is 8430cfs. Water temps are holding steady  around 45F. Baetis are here in force, especially on the lower half of the river. We have not heard of folks having great dry fly action quite yet, but be ready, today (or any overcast day) could be the day. Emerger patterns seem to get more eats for me than duns. Patterns that work for me are the #18 CDC Captive Dun, Smokejumpers, and Cripples. Trail those behind a Parachute Adams while prospecting. Rising fish will more likely eat midge patterns than mayflies right now. Buzzballs, Griffith’s Gnats, and Midge Clusters in #18-20.

Yesterday’s clouds turned on the streamer bite for many folks. Big and black was the ticket but anything dark and deep should produce in similar conditions. On brighter days, go lighter in color and flashy. Make the browns eat with lots of movement stripping off the banks. Until water temps climb, the bows will not typically chase a streamer. Swinging buggers through slower runs will expose  your streamers to more fish, they will eat if its in front of them.

Nymphing continues to produce the best results. Focus on slower water and inside bends. Find the right leader length for the depth you are fishing, which seems to be around 9ft. Try one of CrossCurrent’s Thingamabobber Nymphing Butt Sections with easily adjustable indicator settings.  Firebead sow bugs #16, Zebra Midges #18-20, Pheasant Tails #16-18, Pink and Rainbow Czech Nymphs #12-16, Pink Scuds. WORMS!

In other news, Teagan Jendro is back for anther season of helping out customers get all the right info and gear in our Craig store.   Ask about his new Montana fishing tattoo.  (But don’t ask him about his mom crying about it!)

photo of Greg Brady -aka Teagan Jendro

Teagan’s 1974 Twin Brother

photo of Teagan Jendro

Greg Brady’s 2014 Twin Brother (photo of Teagan’s guns before the ink)

Have you ever fished an Orvis Helios 2? Will Darby never had until he bought a new 9’6″ 6wt and boy was he impressed. On his third cast with his new rod and first fly he ever tied, he landed this nice S. trutta. Time is running out on the Orvis Rod Package Sale. Choose ANY rod-reel-line-backing combo and receive 20% off the entire package!!


Will with his H2 Brown Trout on the MO


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