Holter Dam is the talk of the town this week. Rumor has it that the flows will reach near 3000 cfs in the next few days. Currently the flow is at 3,600 cfs and the temps are at 54 degrees. The water is looking low and clear, but the fishing has remained good to excellent. Most people have been getting fish on the nymph. However, any method is putting fish in the net. A couple of guys from the shop floated a few days ago and caught fish on a dry, dropper, deep nymph, streamer, and swung soft hackle. The weather is looking warm the next few days with mostly sunny skies and the highs around 80 degrees. Should help get the Caddis going throughout the river.

Dries: The fish are taking Caddis fairly well in the lower river, mostly Mtn. Palace to Pelican section. Some reports have came in about the Caddis action as far high up as Mid Cannon. A larger Caddis pattern in the 14 size range fished in a riffle has been producing the most fish. Hanging a small PT or other mayfly looking nymph about a foot under the dry is working well too.  A good old Elk Hair Caddis is doing the trick in darker brown or black. Bloom’s Parachute Caddis is a good one too. Don’t forget there are still plenty of BWO’s hatching out there and most of the fish are still keyed in on them.

Nymph: Nymphing is the best way to get some of those Missouri River fish on these hotter sunny days. Anything mayfly looking in size 18 is the ticket. A little bit of flash helps too. PT’s, Hares Ear, Lighting Bug, Love Bug, and Rainbow Warriors are all good choices. If a front comes though and drops a decent amount of rain the worm is taking a-lot of fish. San Juan Worms and Wire Worms have been working quite well. The lower water has the fish a little spooky in the shallower water, just something to keep in mind when floating that big old bobber over their head.

Streamer: Get that streamer fishing in before the weeds take over. Wooly Buggers and some sculpin patterns have been the fly of choice for the streamer guys. The fish are active and like some aggressive stripping action. Late at night is the best time to get a few bigger browns to eat the streamer.

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